Almine Knows What Makes My Heart Sing

I just received my Tibetan necklace a few days ago. Almine truly knows what makes my heart sing in her choice of jewelry. This necklace I have not taken off even when sleeping. I feel a holy presence while wearing it. I can imagine the loving blessing she has put into it. Much gratitude for these beautiful gifts she has worked to make available to her light family.

A. S., Florida

Gratitude and Unwavering Devotion from a Master of the Runes


Dear Almine,

The night before the November webinar replay, within a dream, a huge barn owl flew in and landed in an open field. Later in the afternoon on Saturday, after the webinar, mail delivery included the box that contained the beautiful, blessed Rune Master bracelet and your generous gift of 2 amazing new oils. The card with the beautiful, artful photo of you is now in the middle of my holy sanctuary work space, where I can feel you present with me. Thank you, Thank you.

I am free from being bound to eons of time in the matrix, caught in battle/rebellion against alien spirit and all manner of mirrors which I have given precious life to.

There is so much I need/want to express to you, but this note is a note of recognition and gratitude for the items recently received. The other will come forth in a letter.

Life now is wondrously open and pregnant with potentials and possibilities. I am rich in resources and filled with love, Praise and gratitude. May I express through reverence, and humility, adoration in action, courage, clarity and unwavering devotion in regard for all life as Master of the Runes.

With love filled blessings, appreciation and gratitude,

W.M., New Hampshire, USA

Marvelous Changes in My Body Field

Dearest Almine,

I am so overwhelmingly thrilled with the necklace you chose for me!! From the very first night, when I wore it for several hours and then placed it under my pillow, I have felt marvelous changes in my body-field. The profound depth of pure innocence and grace I experienced sent me so deeply into some ancient remembrance that I cried for some time.

I am so deeply grateful that you have decided to share your personal jewelry with us. By the way, after receiving the necklace, I realized that I already had the matching earrings in my drawer…

D.N., Canada

Spontaneous Fulfillment of Heart’s Desires and My Anchor Ring

I have just received my Anchor Ring, with the additional surprise gift included from Almine, of a beautiful copper bracelet, with gold inlay! The wild thing is, I had ordered my Anchor Ring about 3 weeks ago. About 3 days ago, I placed an order for several more jewelry pieces, via the new website. One of the pieces that I ordered is a copper bracelet, and I asked specifically, that if at all possible, I would love it if it could have gold inlay! Almine literally gifted me the bracelet that I had not yet even asked for!

Immediately when I saw the bracelet on the new website, I dearly wanted and adored it! As a symbol, it is so profoundly moving to me, that what I asked for, was ALREADY on its way to me, before I even asked! Now that I have received and am wearing these pieces, Almine’s elegant descriptions of the pieces becoming imbued with her blessings and awareness particles in the Field of the One, through her wearing them… I can feel how greatly this enhances our sense of connection and inseparability… the uplifting feelings of deep peace and joy from the pieces themselves is indescribable!!

With reverent warmth ~ celebrating these exquisite times we are in and the abundance of beauty we are so privileged to share in…. Blessings upon your day!!

J.C., Canada

I’m So Grateful For My Anchor Ring and Jewelry!

My jewelry and anchor ring arrived yesterday and I am more than thrilled! It is a great and empowering feeling to wear it. Thank you so much for your support and kindness … I send grateful regards from my heart to Almine for the unexpected gifts and surprises, too. I love them all! What a blessing!

~ L.M., Denmark


The Anchor Ring



  • Thank you ever so much for my Anchor Ring gift! My heart is very grateful, and I am asking my heart how I can repay with love in some other way this lovely gesture for me. Because I really appreciate such a gesture from depths of my being. And when I read you had asked Almine about the ring size for me it also made me so happy! May those many blessings you have intended for me also be sent for each of you with much love and gratitude!

D.B., Canada

The Power Of the Seer’s Gems


These Tibetan necklaces are amazing! I now own 5 of them. Each one has been blessed by Almine with a different message, which I can feel as I wear them. Every morning, I feel the necklaces to see which one is for me to wear that day. It’s a lot of fun! They are very empowering! I truly feel like a Goddess when wearing them!! The Tibetan silver holds Almine’s blessings very well too.

I have a necklace on each wall of my bedroom and when I get into my bed, it’s the most powerful, beautiful, comforting, feeling. The Infinite Awareness is present there. My bed is no longer a bed…it’s home.